About Us

Norvic Furniture’s is actually a company of people whose know-how and skills in the art of making quality furniture. The Norvic love its work and everything connected with furniture, especially in making its own designs and styles. Norvic Furniture’s has in its stable, some of the best craftsman and carpenters in the industry- both experienced and trained ones. Their products are produced according to its traditions of only high-quality materials and made by the hands of skilled carpenters. Their factory at Southern Leyte has accessories and artworks which are handmade inside. Great care is given to make sure that the only high-quality materials are being used and excellent craftsmanship is applied to all their products in every step in production. They have a high degree in the discipline, especially when working with natural materials using mainly manual manufacturing processes their every piece is unique in its own way because they say that their products have souls.

Norvic Furniture’s is well-known and familiar in the province because their creations give comforting effects to anyone who uses it. Some might be dependable to it. For 16 years and existing, Norvic Furnitures expand their shops and stores at Sogod Southern Leyte, Baybay Leyte and at Brgy. Tunga-Tunga Maasin City. Their products will make your life stable in such a way that is durability and quality will help you stop buying new furniture.

Norvic Furniture’s accept a customized order to those who want their own dream style furniture, and they also do upholstery. Payment is good as cash but they also have installment.

They strongly believe that designs and functions are very important in all the elements they create. At the same time, they recognize their responsibility to their workers, the community and the environment. They guarantee that you will be happy and contented when you see their beautiful pieces from their very own shop.